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Ten tips for networking

1. Have a firm, confident handshake.

2. Networking can be painful, even for extroverts. Take the pressure off yourself and commit to meeting just three new people at an event.

3. When talking with someone for the first time, make sure to ask them questions and find something that you have in common. Do not make the conversation all about you.

4. Jot down notes on the contact's business card so you don't forget where you met them and other memorable details.

5. If you meet someone and for whatever reason you aren't feeling it...move on. Excuse yourself politely by saying you see someone that you have to talk to or excuse yourself to go to the restroom.

6. The networking doesn't end when the event is over. Ask for permission to follow up with your new contact and connect with them shortly after the event with a 'nice to meet you' and an offer to help them in any way you can. If you say you are going to follow up with someone or make a connection for them - do it! All you have is your word and you do not want to have a reputation of someone who is all talk.

7. Dress for the occasion. First impressions matter.

8. Show up early. It is easier to introduce yourself to people as they gradually arrive than it is to walk into a room of many existing conversations.

9. Have plenty of business cards. If no pockets, consider storing your business cards in your plastic name badge holder.

10. Wear your name badge on the right side so others can easily see your name when shaking hands.

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Upcoming live events
Doug Baker
May 1 Connections Event in MN

Doug Baker, Founder & President of True North Groups Institute, presents "Developing Your Inner Leader in Today's Challenging Business Environment". Click here for more info and to register.

Kathie De Chirico
May 9 Connections Event in NYC

Kathie De Chirico, COO & EVP of Business Development for Robin Baron Design Group, presents "The Three E's of Authentic Leadership: Engagement, Empowerment & Execution". Click here for more info and to register.

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Gurjot Sidhu
WIB Spotlight - Gurjot Sidhu

Those familiar with our New York City events may recognize the name Gurjot New York. The business wear company sponsors and is a regular presence at Women in the Boardroom's New York City events. In fact, our upcoming Connections Event on May 9 will be held at the company's showroom.

Of Gurjot New York's participation in our events, Gurjot Sidhu, the CEO and Creative Director, says, "Women in the Boardroom is one of the best networking organizations in New York City. Personally, I have met so many extraordinary women who are highly-credentialed and so willing to help other women."

Gurjot will be
sharing her knowledge of dressing professionally during our June 11 Virtual Event entitled "The Art of Marketing Yourself: Personal Branding and Power Dressing". Gurjot says, "I am really excited about sharing my hands-on experience dressing women executives. Sharing what their concerns have been and what we have been able to do to help them advance by looking and feeling amazing, all while reflecting their own personal brand."

For more information and to register for the May 9 Connections Event at Gurjot New York, click here.

For more information and to register for the June 11 Virtual Event with Gurjot Sidhu, click here.

Sheila Ronning
Q&A with Sheila

What is a Virtual Event?

A Virtual Event is a webinar. It is presented by an expert in a topic of interest to professional women seeking to get a board seat or elevate their careers.

What takes place during a Virtual Event?

Our Virtual Event experts give a presentation in their related field. These presentations are followed by a Q&A period in which participants use the chat feature on their computer screens. Participants can see and hear the presenters only. Each Virtual Event lasts about 45-60 minutes.

What if I can't make the scheduled Virtual Event time?

All of our Virtual Events are recorded and registrants receive the recording after the live version is complete. Even if you can't make the scheduled event, you will still be able to view it at your convenience. Recording the Virtual Events also means that you can watch the valuable information again at a later date, even if you attended the live version.

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